Brand Rep Search

Brand Rep Search!

WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS? for reps during 2/01/21-5/01/21

Are you interested in being part of our amazing brand? We would love for you to apply to be a brand rep for our company.

Do you love to take photos of your squishy fluff butts and share them with the world? We are looking to build a team of individuals who love cloth diapers and want to share them with the world!

Brand Rep Perks:

- You will receive random free products with your purchases
- You may also receive tester products before the official product launch 
- 2% Store Credit on all sales made with your rep code

-12% Advertising Code for shoppers

-5% more store credit on each sale if you create and use an affiliate link

How to Apply:
1. Follow @stretchyflats on Instagram
2. Like & Follow @Stretchyflats on Facebook
3. Join our Facebook group @Stretchy Flats Updats & Chat            
4. Repost the Brand Rep search photo on Instagram in your main feed and tag @stretchyflats    Starts 1/15/21 
5. Repost the Brand Rep search Photo in a Facebook group              
6. Tag someone who would be interested in this Brand Search in the comments on our Instagram post      
7. Post at least 3 pictures of your fluffbutt on Instagram and tag @stretchyflats AND #stretchyflatsbrandsearch

8. Fill out the application found HERE



1. Instagram Accounts must be public (no private accounts).

2. Please make sure you follow all of the rules listed below. Thanks for entering!! 

How to qualify:??

  • Share promotion.

  • Always tag the business
  • Have the ability to capture/edit marketable images

  • sharing photos of daily cloth life, kids in cloth showing they love cloth on both Instagram and Facebook.


***Remember your personal life will still reflect our brand. Always be polite and keep politics and any religious etc beliefs private only.

***NO codes allowed on our business page or our fb or IG account. Share in places we do not have customers already.

***In all of our social media groups, only promote our products. Other places are fine, but if you push our brand you get the rewards. Plus you should love us enough to make that easy.

***If we have a product option for a solution, mention it!

Earn Rewards!