The Playcentah Print's/Patterns
The Playcentah Print's/Patterns

The Playcentah Print's/Patterns

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Our New Invention is The Playcentah (Hybrid Contoured Stretchy Flat. *Made to order* 7 day TAT

It features: 2 Layers serged together, fabric blend depends on options you choose. A single layer of PUL down the middle with a pocket made of chosen print that opens at the top and bottom. Boosters attach with very secured on Wood Buttons (optional). Wood Buttons are on the outside and not against the skin. The crotch has a cinch cord made from our rolled edges of flats and you can make it more narrow with the stopper. Our stopper is made by Dritz. This is tied off and secured, so it won't fall off or be removed. (still supervise, small parts are attached)

**Material Options- For the outside print you choose either our Cotton Stretch French Terry or our Bamboo/Cotton Stretch French Terry. For the second layer option you can choose our French Pearl line or our Shoreline.

  • *Buttons are optional, no extra charge.
  • 5x14 booster is for daytime wear
  • Customize absorption for night time
  • Using a snake booster & half flat will make a great night option. Earth Mama half flat or even our Prefold would make a great addition inside the pocket for a night time solution in addition to the snake.

Comes with 5x14 Booster

Additional Boosters are as followed: 

4 ply bamboo stretch french terry 5x14" Booster

Snake Booster 4ply bsft 5x29"

Half Flat 15x30 bsft


Back Wings 17-18" 

Rise- 16-17"


Back Wings 17"-18"

Rise- 13"-14"

The Playcentah diaper requires the use of a PUL diaper cover or wool soaker since it is not completely waterproof.

**Beta Testing (you as my customer will be testing the absorption & quality)

***Product Name- When you lay the diaper out and cinch the crotch up, the diaper looks like a placenta with umbilical cord. Our family is very crunchy and so we had to play on the name. If your body didn't make a placenta, a baby would never be born. So we gave the name a twist! Now you know how the name came about.

CPSIA All of our cloth diapers are CPSIA compliant. This means that our products are safe from harmful chemicals and metals and in compliance with all applicable children’s product safety rules enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. *Handmade in the USA. Material ethically made/sourced over seas.

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